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The Breastfeeding Boutique offers Maternity Apparel & Accessories for comfort & style.
Medela® Double Pumping Kit  
Item No. 67116
Price $50.00
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The Symphony & Lactina Pumping Kit is a comfortable personal accessory kit for pumping with any Medela® Breastpump. It includes: 2 Personalfit Breastshields, 2 valves, 4 membranes, 1 piston cylinder, 1 pump connector, 2 tubes, 2 collection containers w/ lids, 2 membrane caps, 2 protective membranes, instruction book, and a Breastfeeding information guide.
Medela® CSF™ Bags  
Item No. 87010
Price $19.00
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Medela's CSF™ Bags are used to collect, store and freeze expressed breast milk. The bags are pre-sterilized for maximum hygiene and they attach directly to any Medela breastshield so you can pump right into the bag. No need for separate collection and storage containers. A built-in pouring spout can be torn open when it's time to empty the bag. The area for labeling each bag is outside the milk chamber to protect the purity of the milk. Sold in quantities of 50.
The Medela® Nursing Stool
Item No. 61082 Natural (67036 White)
Price $25.00
The Nursing Stool relieves stress on your legs, back, shoulders and arms. Its scientific design elevates your lap to help position the baby more comfortably for breast or bottle-feeding. The stool can also help to ease pain after an episiotomy or caesarean. The Nursing Stool is one of those "little" tools that make a big difference. A choice of natural oak or white finish complements any nursery decor.
Made by Moms® Pumping Band  
Item No. 100

Price $34.99
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An elastic 'bra' that securely holds bottles while you're expressing breast milk. Whether you are reading to an older sibling, or sorting through an in-basket at work, the Pumping Band allows you to engage in light activity or movement without having to worry about spilling expressed milk. In addition, it ensures proper alignment, resulting in more sufficient suction. Simply lower the panels on your nursing bra and wrap the Pumping Band around your chest and over your bra. Then slide the breast pump shields into the button hole openings, align with your nipples, and begin pumping. A Velcro closure accommodates your changing profile and a neck strap is included for added comfort and support. Works with most single and double breast pump systems.


. Works with most pumps
. One size fits all
. Securely holds collection bottles
  (bottles not included)

. Easy on and off Velcro closure
. Includes optional neck strap
. Made from latex-free elastic
. Machine washable
Medela® PureLan™ 100
Item No. 87021 .25 oz // Price: $2.50
Item No. 87022 1.3 oz. // Price $7.00

Provides soothing relief to tender skin. PureLan™ 100 is an all-natural, hypoallergenic lanolin that creates a moisture barrier, allowing skin to rehydrate from within. An added benefit is that Purelan does not need to be removed before Breastfeeding. PureLan™ 100 is available in a 1.3 oz or 1.25 oz tube.
Medela® Silicone Tubing 
Item No. 8007180
Price $4.60
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Silicone Tubing for Symphony®, Lactina®, Classic®, and Pump & Style® Breastpumps.

Medela® Extra Valves, Membranes
Item No. 87089
Price $6.00
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Extra valves & membranes for all Medela® Breastpumps, 2 valves & membranes per pack.
Medela® Vehicle Lighter Adapter  
Item No. 67153
Price $18.60
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This adapter works with the Medela® Pump In Style® & Lactina® Breastpumps.
Medela® White Membranes  
Item No. 87088
Price $6.00 (6 per pack)
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These extra membranes are for all Medela® Breastpumps. 6 membranes per pack
Medela® Yellow Valve 
Item No. 8100475
Price $1.50
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Valve for Symphony®, Lactina®, Classic®, and Pump & Style® Breastpumps.

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